The Micro shirt gives the vintage 70s shirt a complete upgrade. A snug collar fit, adjustable wrist fit and extreme shaping make for a sustainable piece you’re going to feel anything but micro in.

We’re obsessed with the endless styling opportunities that The Micro can deliver. Pair with a tie for a signature White Mary look, and consider slip dresses or suiting for standout layering.

The Micro has been designed and made in Manchester, UK. Our eco packaging is made from 100% recycled paper, and uses renewable soy-based inks and compostable adhesive.


Good – fabric has some signs of general wear in areas.

Please compare the below measurements with your favourite non stretch shirt from your wardrobe for an idea of how your one off piece will fit. Measurements are taken on the round and are approximate as every single piece is completely unique in it’s raw form before being reconstructed by us.

XS – best suited to a size 6/8

Neck – 13 inch
Sleeve Length – 24 inch
Hem – 36 inch

S – best suited to a size 8/10
Neck – 13.5 inch
Sleeve Length – 24 inch
Hem – 37-40 inch

M – best suited to a size 10/12
Neck – 14 inch
Sleeve Length – 24 inch
Hem – 41/44 inch

L – best suited to a size 12/14
Neck – 14.5 inch
Sleeve Length – 24 inch
Hem – 45/48 inch

Garment Composition: cotton/polyester mix.

At White Mary Vintage, the Planet matters; microplastics are a huge thing. 

With that in mind, we encourage you to wash your garment as infrequently as possible. When your garment does need a refresh in any areas we recommend spot cleaning by hand or with a dedicated device. 

If you do choose to put your garment in the washing machine, use an eco friendly detergent and microfibre filter. Wash at 30 with similar colours, hang, and leave to air dry.